Earning Buyer’s Trust

We had a great experience using Marius Gallitano as our (buyers) agent. He was hands-on, honest, and reliable, communicated well, and struck the perfect balance for us between knowing his stuff and looking out for our best interests. We were concerned about trusting a realtor- hearing the worst that many will sell you anything to make a sale- but Marius actually steered us away from some properties he knew weren’t good fits for us, and in hindsight we can see how right he was!

He is very experienced and clearly respected in his profession, as we interacted with many agents during our property visits, and he was always well received, which made us feel even more confident in his skills. He is also a great negotiator, which was a wonderful help as we were brand new to this process.

Marius has great people skills, and intuitively knew when we needed more hand-holding during the process. He worked with us for over 6 months, and never made us feel like we were taking up his time when we asked to see a property or fired off a barrage of questions.

We just moved into our condo last week (YAY!) and would choose to work with Marius again in a second. Here’s his info: http://www.gallitano.com/